New release: "Ikarus invites the world’s best chefs" Vol. 6

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"Ikarus invites the world’s best chefs" Vol. 6

Exceptional recipes and international chefs in portrait.

Among this year’s guest chefs is “Asia’s Best Female Chef 2018”, Bee Satongun, who makes skilful use of traditional cooking techniques to revolutionise Thai cuisine with complex dishes
characterised by balanced flavours. The Dutch quartet of Jannis Brevet, Jacob Jan Boerma, Richard van Oostenbrugge and Michel van der Kroft bring a combined total of eight Michelin
stars to Restaurant Ikarus. Hiroyasu Kawate attaches great importance to seasonal produce when conjuring up avant-garde dishes in his kitchen in Tokyo – and in Salzburg, too. The top
international chefs present their best creations and signature dishes at Hangar-7, bringing the finest ingredients and regional traditions with them from afar. Personal portraits of the chefs, Martin Klein’s experiences with the guest chefs, as well as numerous recipes from the menus put together especially for Restaurant Ikarus, portray the pinnacle of high-end cuisine and invite the reader to recreate the recipes at home.

Available in German & English at Hangar-7 Merchandising Shop, Red Bull Online Shop as well as in bookstores.

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