New release: "Ikarus invites the world’s best chefs" Vol. 5

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"Ikarus invites the world’s best chefs" Vol. 5

Exceptional recipes and international chefs in portrait.

Each month, Executive Chef Martin Klein invites a different top international chef to Restaurant Ikarus inside Salzburg’s Hangar-7. The chefs create their own elaborate menus that showcase
their finest creations, which are served up to the guests for a whole month. The latest volume of Ikarus invites the world’s best chefs offers a glimpse into the spectacular restaurant
kitchens of elite chefs.

The fifth volume of this edition includes culinary maestros from Spain, France, Switzerland, Finland, South Korea and the USA, who demonstrate the diversity of haute cuisine in their
menus – from traditional delicacies through to sophisticated molecular cuisine. In order to get to know the chefs, understand their cuisine, and find out what motivates and inspires them,
Martin Klein visited each one in person at their own restaurant beforehand.

This has given rise to a high-quality book that presents personal portraits of the chefs alongside numerous recipes.
The comprehensive picture section portrays the pinnacle of high-end cuisine and invites the reader to recreate the chefs’ own recipes at home.

Available from November 15 2018 in German & English at Hangar-7 Merchandising Shop, Red Bull Online Shop as well as in bookstores.

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